Checking the Status of Model Metadata Generation

You can check the status of model metadata generation on your live SAP HANA connection in the Generate Model Metadata dialog.


You've already generated model metadata on your live SAP HANA connection.


You can use the Generate Model Metadata dialog to check the status of model metadata generation for the models on the live SAP HANA connection. The dialog can also be used to view helpful error messages that may arise if there are any problems with a particular model, for example, with connectivity or authentication. If errors arise, it may be necessary to check your credentials, or edit your connection settings.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  (Connection) Next navigation step ConnectionsEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Select the checkbox beside the live SAP HANA connection for which you've already generated model metadata.
  3. Select the (Generate Model Metadata) icon again.

    The Generate Model Metadata dialog appears.

  4. Expand the Status section of the dialog.

    You can see the number of models in your connection for which model metadata was generated. You can also see a list of any models for which model metadata wasn't generated.

  5. Expand the Troubleshooting section to understand why model metadata can't be generated for one or more models.
    • You can refer to the following SAP Note for troubleshooting information - Issues accessing Smart Insights on a SAP HANA Live connection - 2958669 Information published on SAP site.

    • To see the full error message, hover over the text.