Publishing a Predictive Model to a PAi Application


You can publish a predictive model to a Predictive Analytics Integrator (PAi) application as a new predictive scenario, or as a predictive model within a scenario.

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You can only publish classification and regression predictive models trained with an acquired dataset to a PAi Application. It is not possible to publish predictive models trained with a live dataset.

Before you can publish to PAi, check the following pre-requisites with your SAP Analytics Cloud administrator:

  • The PAi connection is available in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • You have the application role of Predictive Admin assigned to your user profile.


  1. From the main menu, select Start of the navigation pathBrowse Next navigation step Predictive ScenariosEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Click a predictive scenario in the list.

    The debrief page for the predictive model appears showing its statistics and KPIs.

  3. Expand the Predictive Models pane at the bottom of the page.
    The trained predictive models for the predictive scenario are listed.

    Only a trained predictive model can be published to PAi. It is published to the PAi application as a model specification either as a new predictive scenario, or as a model within a predictive scenario.

  4. Click the predictive model version that you want to publish to your PAi application.
  5. Click the Publish icon in the toolbar menu for the page.

    The Publish to PAi Application box opens.

  6. Depending on whether you want to publish the predictive model as a new predictive scenario or a model in a predictive scenario, enter information for the following fields:
    Field Actions
    PAi Connection Select a PAi connection. If your connection doesn't appear in the list, see the SAP Analytics Cloud administrator to make it available. Creating a PAi connection in SAP Analytics Cloud is described here: SAP Analytics Cloud Connection to PAi for SAP S/4HANA Cloud
    PAi Predictive Scenario Browse to the relevant catalog, and either select a predictive scenario to receive the model, or select New Predictive Scenario to create a new one.
    New Predictive Scenario
    • Click to create a new predictive scenario with the published predictive model.
    • Add a predictive scenario name. The name must comply with Namespace rules in S/4HANA:

      S/4HANA Cloud: YY1_

      S/4HANA on Premise: Begins with Z or Y

      The name of a Predictive Scenario must be all uppercase, and have a maximum of 20 characters.

    • Add a description to your scenario.
    Model: Name

    Name the predictive model.

    Model: Description Add a description.
  7. Click Publish.

    The publishing progress is indicated by messages in the Status column for the predictive model. The status messages are described here: Predictive Model Publishing Status Messages.

    You can refer to this blogInformation published on SAP site for more information.