Public Account Dimensions

A public account dimension is beneficial for ensuring that the common accounts (both base accounts without formulas or exception aggregation, and calculated accounts) behave the same across all models that share that account dimension.

However, you can edit a public account dimension within the context of a model if needed, while keeping the original public account dimension in its original state.

Let’s say your public account dimension is reused by models A, B and C. Editing the public account dimension on its own, with no model context, would impact all three models. However, editing the public account dimension within model B has no impact, be it on models A and C, or on the public account dimension itself outside of model B.

You can work with models individually in their context in the Modeler with no impacts on other models. The default data and settings of the public account dimension are displayed in italics. In the Modeler view, you overwrite them without affecting other models based on that public account dimension, or the original public account dimension. You can work with formulas that use dimensions such as LOOKUP, RESTRICT, LINK, ResultLookup, CAGR, YOY, SMA, and so on… Minimum drillstate and Exception Aggregation can also be defined within the model context.

You can’t add, delete or changes hierarchies in the public dimension account from the context of a model. If you need to make these types of edits, make sure to open the public account dimension separately using the side panel.