Setting Up Live SAP HANA Connectivity

To allow Smart Predict to use live datasets in your on-premise SAP HANA system, you have to complete the following configuration pre-requisites:

  • Configure SAP HANA 1.0 SPSP12 revision 122.04+; SAP HANA 2.0 SPS04 revision 47+ and SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 revision 51+. For information on installing and configuring SAP HANA, refer to the SAP HANA Master Guide.
  • Create a schema on the SAP HANA system, which will be used by Smart Predict to store predictions and predictive models. This is described in the SAP HANA Developer Guide.
  • Implement these connectivity steps:
    Live connectivity set up step Description Link
    Install the SAP Automated Predictive Library (APL) version 1906 or higher. SAP HANA APL is an Application Function Library (AFL) that exposes automated machine learning capabilities in SAP HANA. The database role must be assigned to the SAP HANA technical user to ensure full access to the schema, and execution of functions. If you haven't already installed the APL, then this is a mandattory pre-requisite. Installing SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library (APL)
    Configure the SAP HANA technical user in your on-premise SAP HANA system. You need to assign
    • READ access on the data used for the training and application of the predictive model, as well as the APL .
    • WRITE permissions for output tables and for the schema, in which predictive models, debriefing and predictions will be persisted.
    Configuring a SAP HANA technical User in the On-Premise SAP HANA System
    Install the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector (SCC).

    SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector (SCC) is deployed on the on-premise system and allows any TCP connection from the SAP Cloud Platform system to tunnel securely through the Transport Layer Security (TLS) to the on-premise system.

    Installing the SAPCP Cloud Connector
    Configure the SAPCP Cloud Connector. Configure the SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) Cloud Connector to enable SAP Analytics Cloud to connect to the SAP HANA system. Configuring the SAPCP Cloud Connector
    Add and configure the data repository to SAP Analytics Cloud. The data repository references your on-premise SAP HANA system. Based on the rights granted in each of the previous stages of the live connectivity setup, the SAP HANA technical user can see the schemas to train and apply predictive models. Adding and Configuring the Data Repository in SAP Analytics Cloud
You can use Smart Predict on SAP HANA on-premise only. Cloud deployments of SAP HANA are not supported.