Collaborating with Others

Use social collaboration options to support and optimize group decision-making processes.

All collaboration activity is grouped under discussion threads. Choose (Collaboration) from the main toolbar to see a list of discussions that you have been invited to. You can start a new discussion at any time by choosing (New Discussion) and inviting specific participants or teams. Only people who have been invited can see the discussion.

By default discussions have automatically generated titles based on the display names of the other participants. To change the discussion title, select the (More Actions) icon to the right of the current title and choose Preferences. Select , enter a new name in the Select a Group Name field and save with .
Select a discussion to open it. All contributions which have been posted are listed in chronological order. Here you can read all previous posts and make new contributions to the discussion. Discussions are fully integrated with the application: you can simply click on any linked item in the thread to open the content. Once a discussion is created, you do any of the following by choosing (New) at the bottom of the discussion panel:
  • Attach a file to the discussion; files that are already stored in the file repository or files saved locally on your computer.
  • Link a discussion to the currently displayed story. You can only link discussions to saved stories. To remove the link to the story select the (More Actions) icon to the right of the current title and choose Start of the navigation pathRelated Content  Next navigation step XEnd of the navigation path on the story's image.
  • Create a task for any of the discussion participants.

A discussion can only be deleted by the user who created it. With the exception of the discussion creator, all other participants have the option to leave a discussion. However, if you're part of a team that has been invited to a discussion, you cannot leave the discussion. You can still access and read archived discussions once you leave a discussion (available from the list of closed discussions) but no new additions can be made.

Notifications and Email

Notifications are used throughout SAP Analytics Cloud to send system messages to users. A notification may be sent, for example, when users are invited to join a discussion, or when users are newly added to a team and invited to a discussion, when a comment is added to a shared story, or when reminders become due. You may not be notified if you are added to a team that is already in a discussion or if you are removed from a team which is part of a discussion.


You can configure a custom SMTP server for email delivery. For more information, see Configuring Custom SMTP Server.

To read your notifications choose (Notifications) on the main toolbar. Notifications can also be read by users with the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app and sent to users by email.

After you read a notification, you can delete it by selecting the X icon that appears when you hover over it. To delete all notifications, select (Delete All Notifications) icon.
Notification settings can be set in the User Preferences section of your Profile: you can choose whether to send emails in addition to notifications (the email address for each user is defined in the user profile) and a housekeeping option is available to automatically delete old notifications.
Stories and Events
Stories and Events in particular are closely integrated with the Collaboration panel:
  • Under Collaboration, the Comments panel lists all the comment threads posted for specific pages or widgets within a story. Under specific circumstances you can also see comments posted on data points in a table. For more information, see Adding Comments to a Data Cell.
  • Whenever you create a new event a discussion thread is automatically created so that you can collaborate with the group of colleagues assigned to the event. For any actions arising from a discussion thread you can quickly create new tasks and assign these to colleagues.
  • If you create a new discussion while working on a story, you need to explicitly link the discussion to the story.