Limitations to SAP HANA and SAPCP Live Data Connections

The following product limitations apply when you create a live data connection to an SAP HANA or SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) system.

  • Definition of additional measures with complex formulas (LOOKUP, CAGR, SMA, YoY, and so on).
  • Using variables within calculations, if the underlying variable or input parameter in the SAP HANA view does not have a default value.
  • Only the cube data type is supported. For more information, see Supported Data Categories for Calculation Views.
  • Geospatial is not currently supported for Live Data Connections to SAP HANA HDI containers on SAPCP on Cloud Foundry (CF) systems.
  • Cross calculations are not supported.
  • Value help for parameters with value help view is not supported.
  • Input parameters with multiple entries are not supported.
  • Parent-child hierarchies are not supported by geomaps or widgets such as RSS feeds. Parent-child hierarchies are available in tables and charts.
  • For star join date hierarchies, only the following date hierarchies are fully supported:













    Each letter represents a hierarchy level or granularity. These are the expected formats:

    • Y = Year. Format: YYYY
    • H = Half-Year. Format: H1, H2 are the only valid values
    • Q = Quarter. Format: YYYYQ
    • M = Month. Format: YYYYMM
    • W = Week. Format: YYYYWW
    • D = Day. Format: YYYYMMDD

    All levels are of type String, except day, which is usually of type Date.

    All levels of a date hierarchy need to have the correct level type set in the SAP HANA calculation view as well, to be fully recognized as time.

  • The following features are only enabled for specific SAP HANA revisions. For more information, see the Data Connectivity - Live section of the System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.
    These features are not supported by connections to the SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP).
    • Calculations: Difference From, Aggregation.
    • Blending. If one of the two linked models is remote, a warning appears to show that blending is not supported. In a table's build panel, blending is disabled if remote models are selected. However, links between remote models can still be created for use in story filters. For more information, see Data Blending for SAP HANA Live Data Models.
    • The following Geo Spatial enhancements:

      • Use a map filter between two location dimensions.
      • Create a Point of Interest from a live SAP HANA model.
      • The following features are now enabled in geo maps when you are working with imported location data from a live SAP HANA system: distance slider, distance filter, and intersection filter.
  • Data entry is not supported.
  • Disaggregation is not supported.
  • Allocate value functions (Spreading, Distribution, and Assignment of values) are not supported.
  • Allocations are not supported.
  • Creation and management of private versions & data publishing are not supported.
Predictive Features
  • Smart Discovery is not supported.
  • Time Series forecasting in line charts is not supported.
Smart Insights
You can access Smart Insights on models on your live SAP HANA connection. There are some restrictions. For more information, see Limitations to Smart Insights and Live SAP HANA.

Smart Insights is supported on acquired and live SAP HANA direct connections only.

Smart Predict

You can use Live SAP HANA data to create predictive models with Smart Predict. You'll get reports and KPIs with predictive insights that will enhance stories in SAP Analytics Cloud. However, there are some restrictions. For more information, see Restrictions.

  • Member order on key figures.