Defining Thresholds in Models

You can define threshold values to apply conditional formatting to charts.


You can apply conditional formatting by defining thresholds in a story, or you can apply the formatting to all stories based on a model by defining thresholds in that model. For example, in your model you could define a threshold for Revenue at $1,000,000, so that all stories based on the model would have a Revenue threshold at $1,000,000. Note that thresholds can be defined only on account dimensions.


  1. With a model open in the Modeler, open the account dimension.
  2. In the grid view, select a cell in the Threshold column.
    You might need to scroll to the right.
  3. Select (Set Threshold).
  4. Set one or more thresholds for the account.
    You can change the colors and text used for the ranges of values.
  5. Select OK when you've finished defining thresholds.
    The color formatting appears in stories based on your model.
    Thresholds that you define for a model are applied to stories based on that model, but if you apply conditional formatting in the stories, that formatting overrides the thresholds you define for the model.