Adding a Time-Based Variance to a Waterfall Chart

Add a time-based variance to your chart to show the difference between time periods.


The variance chart is based on all the measures in the Waterfall chart. Set up your chart with one measure and a Date filter. The Date filter must have only one value.


  1. Select your Waterfall chart, open the Designer, and then select (Builder).
  2. In the Variance area, select Add Variance.
    If you cannot see a variance area, find Chart Structure and select Start of the navigation path(Add Chart Components) Next navigation step Add VarianceEnd of the navigation path.
  3. For the Measure, select All.
  4. Select Add Version/Time, and then select Time.
  5. From the Display Options area, apply the following options:
    Option Description
    Name Use the default name or provide a different name for the variance.
    Invert Colors Reverse the color scheme from the following default values: a positive variance is shown in green, and a negative variance is shown in red.
    Set No Data as Zero To include a NULL data point in your variance, set it to the value zero.
    Scale with Base Chart Default setting keeps the variance chart scale the same as the chart scale. If you want the variance to have its own scale, clear the checkbox.
    Show Difference as Choose whether you want to display the variance numerically or as a percentage, or both.
    View Variance as
    • Bar – displays a classic variance chart beside the regular chart.

    • Data Label – adds variance information to the data labels.

      Use data labels if there is no room to add a variance chart, or if you want variance information for charts that cannot use a variance chart.

    • Integrated – displays the variance data as an overlay on the bar chart.

  6. When finished, select OK.


Variance information is added to your visualization. The variance bars are color-coded based on the account type and whether an increase is desirable or not. For example, an increase in income would be welcome (green), but an increase in expenses would not (red).

Variance Bar Color Based on Account Type

Account Type

Decrease (-)

Increase (+)

INC – Income



EXP – Expense



AST – Assets



LEQ – Liabilities & Equities