Live Data Connection to SAP HANA Cloud Using an "SAP HANA Cloud" Connection and Password Authentication

To access SAP HANA Cloud data without having to set up the SAP HANA Analytics Adapter, you can create a live data connection using the “SAP HANA Cloud” connection type, and password authentication.



This connection type works only in Cloud Foundry environments (non-SAP data centers). For Neo environments (SAP data centers), see Live Data Connection to SAP HANA Cloud Using a Direct Connection and SSO.

SAP Analytics Cloud can be hosted either on SAP data centers or on non-SAP data centers (for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS)). Determine which environmentSAP Analytics Cloud is hosted on by inspecting yourSAP Analytics Cloud URL:

  • A single-digit number, for example us1 or jp1, indicates an SAP data center (Neo environment).
  • A two-digit number, for example eu10 or us30, indicates a non-SAP data center (Cloud Foundry environment).
To grant access to SAP HANA Cloud data, you'll need the access_role and external_privileges_role for the HDI container. For more information, see Assign Roles to a Database User in the SAP HANA Cockpit documentation.


  1. Go to Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Connection Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step  (Add Connection)End of the navigation path.
  2. In the Select a data source dialog, expand Connect to Live Data, and select SAP HANA.
  3. In the dialog, enter a name and description for your connection.
    The connection name cannot be changed later.
  4. Set the connection type to SAP HANA Cloud.
  5. Add your SAP HANA Cloud host name.
  6. (Optional) Choose a Default Language from the list.

    This language will always be used for this connection and cannot be changed by users without administrator privileges.

    You must know which languages are installed on your SAP HANA system before adding a language code. If the language code you enter is invalid, SAP Analytics Cloud will default to the language specified by your system metadata.
  7. Under Authentication Method, select User Name and Password.
    You'll need to provide a user name that exists in SAP HANA Cloud as a database user. The database user needs to have roles and privileges for InA, and needs to have access to the SAP HANA artifacts that are needed to retrieve data for the InA request.
  8. Select OK.