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An entity used to represent an address-dependent mobile phone number. The Business Add-In (BAdI) implementation for this Entity is CRM_IU_UMC_ODATA_ADDRDEPMOBILE. An interaction record is created for a PUT, POST, or DELETE operation in the back end system.


The OData Entity AccountAddressDependentMobilePhone has the following properties:

  • AccountID

  • AddressID

  • SequenceNo

  • PhoneNo

  • HomeFlag

  • StandardFlag

  • Extension

  • CompletePhoneNo

  • CountryID

  • DefaultFlag

  • PhoneType

Possible Operations

The following operations are possible when using the AccountAddressDependentMobilePhone Entity:

  • GET

  • PUT

  • POST


Navigation Properties

There are no navigation properties for the AccountAddressDependentMobilePhone Entity.


There are no filters implemented for this Entity.