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UI adaptation at runtime (RTA) allows key users to adapt the user interface of their apps at runtime. Here’s how you develop apps that can be used with RTA.


RTA is currently not available in SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

RTA can only be used for apps running in the SAP Fiori launchpad and only for SmartForm and ObjectPage controls.

Each control used in the SmartForm and ObjectPage and each view requires stable IDs. We recommend that you also use stable IDs for all controls and views of your app, to ensure that they can be adapted in future using RTA. For more information, see Stable IDs: What? When? Why?.


To prevent inconsistencies and the loss of UI changes that were done using RTA, do not change the IDs of delivered apps.

For more information, see SAP Library for User Interface Add-On 2.0 for SAP NetWeaver on SAP Help Portal. Under Application Help, open SAP Library and search for Adapting the UI of an SAP Fiori App at Runtime.