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Administrators can configure search providers in the Role Maintenance ( PFCG) transaction under the @SEARCH@ node, or by using the administrator configuration file; end users can use the Search Providers configuration dialog box.
Note More information on search provider configuration for administrators can be found in the Administrator Guide for SAP Business Client.

Configure Search Providers

To add, configure, and delete a search provider using the Search Providers configuration dialog, choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step Search Providers End of the navigation path or choose Options in the lower part of the dropdown menu of the quick launch.

Figure 1: Example Search Providers Dialog Box

Add Search Providers

To add a search provider, choose New and enter the required data. For each search provider, you can define the start-up URL that is to be called with the search term.

The table specifies the data required to add a search provider:




The name of the integrated search provider. This is the name that is displayed in the list of all search providers.


The URL that is used to conduct the search with the search provider. It must be the full URL as it would usually also be entered in a browser to conduct the search. Use the sequence {0} within the URL to mark the position where the search string should be placed.



Optional shorthand symbol, for example, a letter that you can configure as mnemonic for a selected search provider, followed by the search string. The search is then carried out directly in the search provider configured for this letter.

For example, [a] is configured as mnemonic for search on the SAP homepage (as in the example of a search providers dialog shown above). When you enter a in the quick launch followed by the search string, the search is carried out on the SAP homepage.


You can configure the mnemonic search function only in the front end.

Sort Search Providers

You can change the order in which your search providers are displayed in the quick launch dropdown menu and its submenu by choosing the Move Up or Move Down arrow.

Activate/Deactivate Search Providers

You can activate or deactivate the checkboxes to specify which search providers should be available when conducting a search.

Delete Search Providers

To delete an existing search provider, choose Delete.


You cannot locally delete search providers that were configured centrally in the PFCG (for example Desktop Search and ABAP Transactions). On the front end you can only delete locally configured search providers. For more information, see section Search Types.