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Configuring Application Header PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

The application header consists of an image or icon, a title, and a description. These properties can be configured in the application manifest file.

The title and description are set in the section in the manifest file, and the image or icon are set in the sap.ui section under icons. Both the application title and the description should be translatable so the text property name should be specified in the application manifest surrounded by double curly brackets ({{). In the icon property, you can set a URL to an sap-icon or a URL to an image.
Sample Code
"": {
        "title": "{{app_title}}",
        "description": "{{app_description}}",
"sap.ui": {
        "icons": {
            "icon": "sap-icon://dimension",
            "favIcon": "favicon.ico"