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Passing Data when NavigatingLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you use the to(…) and back(…) methods of the NavContainer to trigger navigation, you can also give an optional payload data object.

This object is then available in the page events, for example beforeShow and afterShow. You can also use this mechanism to decouple page implementations.

Example:"detailPage", {id:"42"}); // trigger navigation and hand over a data object
                                 // this data object could also be a binding context when dealing with data binding

// and where the detail page is implemented:
   onBeforeShow: function(evt) {
      var idToRetrieve =;
      // retrieve the data element with the given ID and update the page UI

When you navigate back to a page, it receives the original data object which has been given when you first navigated to the page, but you can also give an additional data object with the back navigation.

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