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You can identify the most updated version of a target mapping.


When creating a target mapping, you can view similar target mappings from all the catalogs in the system, to make sure that the most updated version of a target mapping is being used as the target.


  1. In the Catalogs view, select the Target Mapping tab.
    The target mapping page is displayed, with a table that lists the existing target mappings of the selected catalog.
  2. Choose Show similar target mappings.
    The Target Mapping Versions table is added to the bottom of the page. The table lists, for all catalogs, the target mappings,that contain the same intents as the target mappings that are defined for the original catalog. Use this table to locate the most updated version of a target mapping.
  3. Locate the intent that you want to configure.
  4. Use the content of the Information and the Created On columns to locate the most recent target mapping.
  5. Copy the value from the Target mapping ID column.
  6. Navigate to the catalog of the selected target mapping by clicking the catalog name.
  7. Paste the Target mapping ID in the search field at the top of the page and search. The corresponding target mapping is displayed (in the Target Mapping tab).
  8. Select the mapping and choose Copy to add this target mapping to the original catalog, by selecting the catalog from the list.
  9. Navigate to the original catalog.
    The target mapping is added to the end of the Target Mappings table. The value of the Referenced column is a checkmark, which indicates that this mapping is a copy.

Next Steps

You can now delete the older version of the target mapping from the original catalog to ensure that there are no duplicate targets in the same catalog.