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Upgrading from a Version Below 1.38Locate this document in the navigation structure

When upgrading to the current SAPUI5 version from a version below 1.38 (released in June 2016), check whether the changes listed below influence your apps.

With this SAPUI5 version, jQuery has been upgraded to version 2.2.3.

This upgrade may impact your SAPUI5 apps. The following sections give an overview of our findings and how to deal with them.


If you use additional open-source libraries that depend on jQuery, check whether they need to be upgraded as well.



jQuery removed some robustness checks in its event handling code. Without these checks, the jQuery.trigger function must only be called with events that either have no originalEvent property or where the originalEvent has all methods that window.Event implements (especially preventDefault, stopPropagation and stopImmediatePropagation).

When a jQuery.Event is constructed with an object literal (properties) or when originalEvent is set to some object after construction, this constraint is not fulfilled. Unfortunately, many SAPUI5 unit tests used this approach to simulate mouse or key events.


For each code that creates events, you have to apply the following fix:

The module QUnitUtils now rewrites the jQuery.Event constructor so that any given object literal is enriched with the missing methods. Most SAPUI5 unit tests include the QUnitUtils module early, which then fixes the issue.

Application code that needs to simulate an event, either should omit the originalEvent or use Event.create to create a native event and only then create a jQuery.Event.



jQuery.fn.position now takes the scroll positions of the parent element into account. This change was recoginzed as incompatible by the jQuery team and reverted with version 2.2.1.


Nothing, this is automatically fixed.

Problem is now set to for all browsers. But as the jQuery property represents a separate reference to that function, it is not touched by code that modifies, especially not by Sinon fake timers. Therefore Sinon fake timers don't work with jQuery 2.2 if Sinon is started after jQuery.


As a workaround, QUnitUtils redefines so that it delegates to the current This will then use any installed fake timer.

:visible selector


Somewhere between jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.2.0, the behavior of the :visible selector has changed. For empty inline elements (for example, a span with no text), the selector now reports :visible = true whereas jQuery 1.1.1 reported it as hidden. There was only one functionality in the sap.ui.dt library where this change in behavior caused problems.


Instead of using :visible, that functionality now uses its own implementation similar to jQuery 1.11.1.

Sizzle attribute selector ([name=value])


In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the attribute selector no longer works when the attribute value is unquoted and starts with a hash (#). This is the case when hash-name-references are searched for, like with the usemap attribute of the IMG element.


Use quotes ("") for attribute values in those cases.



jQuery 2.2.0 simplified the implementation of jQuery.isPlainObject. As a side-effect, objects with a constructor property with a non-function value (like a string value) caused a runtime error when jQuery.isPlainObject was applied.


This issue is fixed with jQuery 2.2.2.

Descriptor for Applications, Components, and Libraries

If you want to add new attributes of a descriptor version higher than V2 (SAPUI5 1.30) to your existing manifest.json file, see Migration Information for Upgrading the Descriptor File.