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Loading of Additional Resources During BootstrapLocate this document in the navigation structure

The SAPUI5 runtime loads and interprets additional resources for the control libraries during bootstrap.

The files are loaded in the following sequence:

  1. Library bootstrap file /<context-path>/resources/<library-name>/library.js

    A JavaScript file that contains the JavaScript code for all enumeration types provided by the library as well as library-specific initialization code that is independent from the controls in the library. The file calls the sap.ui.getCore().initLibrary method with an object that describes the content of the library (list of contained controls, elements etc.). For libraries that have been developed with SAPUI5 application development tools or the SAPUI5 offline build tools, this file is generated automatically during the build

  2. Library style sheet file /<context-path>/resources/<library-name>/themes/<theme-name>/library.css

    SAPUI5A standard CSS file that contains all styles relevant for this library. For application development tools, this file is generated automatically during the build.