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The UI5 Inspector is an open source Chrome DevTools extension that helps app developers to inspect, analyze, and support SAPUI5-based apps. It is supported for apps based on SAPUI5 version 1.28 and higher.

Check out the UI5 Inspector video on YouTube for a quick overview of the most common use cases.

Key features:

  • Inspect SAPUI5 controls and review their properties, bindings, and data model

  • Modify control properties on the fly and see how this affects rendering and behavior

  • Find relevant framework information for your SAPUI5 app

How to get it?

You can download the UI5 Inspector as a standard extension from the Chrome Web Store at published on non-SAP site.


Once installed, the UI5 Inspector is available in Chrome DevTools (by choosing F12). It becomes active when an SAPUI5 app is loaded.

Browser Action

Clicking the browser action icon in the address bar provides you with:

  • Information on the used SAPUI5 version

  • Links to the What's New in SAPUI5 section and the SAPUI5 documentation


Your version of SAPUI5 may be older than the latest and the features described in the documentation may not be available for you.

Control Inspector

This tab shows the structure and nesting of the SAPUI5 controls. You can search and filter for specific controls. You have the options to show/hide the control's namespace and attributes in the tree.

Hovering over a specific branch of the tree highlights the corresponding control in the app.

Additionally, you can right click on any SAPUI5 control from the app and select Inspect UI5 control. This automatically selects the control in the tree and you can review its properties directly.


In this tab, you can see the properties that have been set for the selected control. Additionally, the inherited properties are also listed.

You can change the values of the properties. The changes will be validated against the framework and rendered on the fly.


Errors from incorrectly set values are displayed in the Chrome browser's console.


In this tab, you can see the bindings for a specific control. The number of bindings is displayed in parentheses in the tab title. The model property holds a link to the corresponding binding file. Clicking on the link opens the Model section.

Application Information

In this tab, you can see overall information for your app – for example, the exact SAPUI5 version you are running, the version of your browser, and the app URL. The information on the loaded libraries and modules is collapsed by default.