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Develop apps using OpenUI5 and the development environment (editor and Web server) of your choice. You can either download all of the sources or refer to the online version of OpenUI5.

Download OpenUI5
The default way of downloading and installing OpenUI5 is to get the runtime from the OpenUI5 home page at http://openui5.orgInformation published on non-SAP site and deploy it on a Web server.
  1. Go to and choose Download OpenUI5 Runtime to download a ZIP file containing the OpenUI5 sources.

  2. Unzip this file and put the entire content on the Web server where your application is running (or you can even package it within your application to deploy it along with the app).

  3. In your application’s main HTML file, load OpenUI5 by referring to the resources/sap-ui-core.js file that was contained in the ZIP file. (See Standard Variant for Bootstrapping.)

Using OpenUI5 Sources from a Content Delivery Network

If you don't want to download the files and don't want to include them in your deployment, you can use the online version of OpenUI5. For more information, see Variant for Bootstrapping from Content Delivery Network.


You can find a list of all available OpenUI5 versions here:

Only use the Stable version for productive apps. Nevertheless, if you also want to test the Preview version, you are very welcome to send us your feedback!

Consume OpenUI5 Using Bower
You can also use the package management system Bower to develop your application. In this case, you simply add OpenUI5 to the bower.json file as a dependency, and it will be included automatically:
  "name": "some-openui5-app",
  "description": "Sample of an OpenUI5 app",
  "private": true,
  "dependencies": {
    "openui5-sap.ui.core": "openui5/packaged-sap.ui.core#~1.28.10",
    "openui5-sap.m": "openui5/packaged-sap.m#~1.28.10",
    "openui5-themelib_sap_bluecrystal": "openui5/packaged-themelib_sap_bluecrystal#~1.28.10"

You can find a sample application using this mechanism and describing its usage on GitHub at

For more information on how to install and use Bower, see the Bower home page at http://bower.ioInformation published on non-SAP site.