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The GenericTile control is the basic concept that displays any kind of content within a tile comprising for example news, feeds, images, micro charts, or numeric content.


GenericTile controls are responsive and adapt their size to the size of the devices they are used on: the control is available in small and large size and depending on the media screen size, the appropriate size is chosen automatically. Therefore, the size property is deprecated and shall not be used anymore.


The GenericTile control provides a header area, a content area, and a status area. Within these areas, different data can be displayed depending on the app the tile belongs to, for example, text in the header area, charts or an icon in the content area, or text only in the footer area.

  • Header area

    The headline and a subtitle can be displayed. The header area is mandatory. But if the NewsContent control is used in the content area, no header and subheader should be used.

    If you use HeaderMode, up to five lines of header can be displayed and the content area is not displayed.

  • Content area

    The TileContent control, that represents the content area, is the universal container for different content types. This means that the TileContent control can contain one of the following controls:

    • NumericContent (frameType 1x1): numeric value and icon

    • FeedContent (frameType 2x1): up to two lines of text

    • NewsContent (frameType 2x1): text and background image

    • MicroCharts (frameType 1x1): charts

    • ImageContent (frameType 1x1): images and icons

  • Status Area

    A status can be displayed. The status area is not mandatory.


GenericTile controls of the 2x1 frameType can be added to the SlideTile control. The GenericTile controls added to the SlideTile control appear alternately, showing one content at a time. It makes sense to use SlideTile controls in day-to-day business to display news.

Tooltip Rendering and ARIA Labels

If a consuming app provides a tooltip, the GenericTile control renders the tooltip that corresponds to the ARIA label.

If a consuming app does not provide a tooltip, the GenericTile control generates a tooltip consisting of all the texts provided by the contributing contents. The tooltip generated by the control corresponds to the ARIA label.

If the consuming app provides a tooltip consisting of whitespaces only, the rendering of the tooltip is suppressed and the GenericTile control creates the ARIA label itself.

API Reference/Explored Sample


With SAPUI5 1.34, the following controls are moved from the sap.suite.ui.commons library to the sap.m library:

  • GenericTile
  • TileContent
  • FeedContent (formerly JamContent)
  • NewsContent
  • NumericContent
  • SlideTile (formerly DynamicContainer)

The following controls have not been transferred to the sap.m library and are not longer used:

  • GenericTile2X2

  • TileContent2X2

If you have already included one of these controls before SAPUI5 1.34, a wrapper ensures that the embedding still works for each control. To benefit from all the enhancements and new features for one of these controls as of SAPUI5 1.34, you need to switch to the controls in the sap.m library. With SAPUI5 1.34, all these controls in the sap.suite.ui.commons library are marked as deprecated.