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Compatibility version flags allow applications to react to incompatible changes in SAPUI5.

As described in the compatibility rules, changes to SAPUI5 features are compatible, see Compatibility Rules. In some cases, however, it may make sense to change the behavior of a feature, for example, to change the default values or to use an optimized implementation and these changes may lead to incompatibilities.

Note We recommend to adapt to new feature versions as soon as possible.

The compatibility version configuration works as follows:

  • A version flag is introduced if a feature change is incompatible.
  • The version flag has to be defined in the SAPUI5 bootstrap tag either globally (data-sap-ui-compatVersion or individually for each feature (for example data-sap-ui-compatVersion-xyz):

    <script id="sap-ui-bootstrap" 
  • If no version is defined, the default behavior of the feature applies.
  • If an explicit version is specified, the behavior of the specified version is applied.
  • If a version edge is specified, the newest behavior of the feature is applied.
  • A fallback mechanism is implemented. The following table shows the possible configuration options for feature "xyz":

    data-sap-ui-compatVersion data-sap-ui-compatVersion-xyz Default feature xyz Resulting compatibility version
    -- -- 1.14 1.14
    1.16 -- 1.14 1.16
    -- 1.16 1.14 1.16
    1.18 1.16 1.14 1.16
    edge .. 1.14 1.18

SAPUI5 supports the following compatibility version flags:

Flag Description

The flexBoxPolyfill for Internet Explorer 9 was deprecated in 1.16 due to functional deficiencies. When the compatibility version is 1.16 or higher, the polyfill is not active at all. Otherwise, the buggy implementation behaves as before, so that it still works in existing applications.

Default value: 1.14


The TabContainer was deprecated in 1.15. When the compatibility version is 1.16 or higher, an error is logged to the console indicating that sap.m.IconTabBar should be used instead.

Default value: 1.14

data-sap-ui-compatVersion-sapMeProgessIndicator --
data-sap-ui-compatVersion-sapMGrowingList --
data-sap-ui-compatVersion-sapMListAsTable --

By default, the content area of Dialog had paddings. To make the padding consistent with other popups, the padding is removed for compatibility versions 1.16 or higher. If the padding is still needed inside the content area of Dialog, add the CSS style class sapUiPopupWithPadding to Dialog by calling the addStyleClass function.

Default value: 1.14