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Hide a Facet on the UILocate this document in the navigation structure

You can hide or show reference facets on the UI using the See more or See less links.

The See more link appears in the bottom right corner when there are hidden facets available.

Figure 1: See Less
To enable hiding facets from the UI, you set the PartOfPreview annotation of the relevant reference facet to false as in the following example:
Sample Code
<Record Type="UI.ReferenceFacet">			
<PropertyValue Property="Label" String="{@i18n>@ProductDescription}"/>
<PropertyValue Property="Target" AnnotationPath="to_ProductTextInCurrentLang/@UI.FieldGroup#PlainText"/>
		<Annotation Term="UI.PartOfPreview" Value="false"/>	
Note This feature is available for reference facets which are implemented under a collection facet.