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Installing the Node.js-Based Development EnvironmentLocate this document in the navigation structure

Installation steps for Node.js

  1. Download Node.js from http://nodejs.orgInformation published on non-SAP site and install it.

    The installation includes the Node Package Manager (npm).

  2. Set the environment variables in the operating system settings or in the command line. You need to do this if you are working behind an HTTP proxy:
    @SET HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy:8080
    @SET HTTPS_PROXY=http://proxy:8080
    @SET FTP_PROXY=http://proxy:8080
    @SET NO_PROXY=localhost,,.mycompany.corp

    The example shown above is for the Windows command line. You may have to adapt the settings according to your specific proxy configuration.

  3. Install the Grunt command line interface (grunt-cli) globally with the following command: npm install grunt-cli -g.

  4. Download and install Git from published on non-SAP site.

  5. Clone the Git repository with the following command git clone

  6. Install all npm dependencies locally. Execute the commands inside the openui5 directory as show below:
    cd openui5
    npm install
  7. Start the server: with grunt serve.


    grunt serve has various configuration options you can use. For example, you can specify the parameter --port=9090 to use a different HTTP port.

  8. Point your browser to the following server where SAPUI5 is running: http://localhost:8080/testsuite/.