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You can use the UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) to create apps with rich user interfaces for modern Web business applications.

Apps developed with SAPUI5 present one consistent user experience. They are responsive across browsers and devices - they run on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The UI controls automatically adapt themselves to the capabilities of each device.

SAPUI5 offers powerful development concepts:
  • Built-in extensibility concepts at code and application level

  • Data binding types and Model-View-Controller (MVC)

  • Feature-rich UI controls for handling complex UI patterns and predefined layouts for typical use cases.

  • Full translation support

  • Keyboard interaction support and accessibility features

And many more....

SAPUI5 Highlights video, June 2016

Check the SAPUI5 playlistInformation published on non-SAP site in the SAP Technology YouTube channelInformation published on non-SAP site for the latest highlights videos!

SAP Fiori applications are built with SAPUI5. SAP Fiori apps follow the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines to ensure consistent design and a high level of design quality. Explore the guidelines:

For more information about SAP Fiori, see

The following sections contain an overview of what's new in each version of SAPUI5, beginning with version 1.26. The SAPUI5 tutorials introduce you to all major development paradigms of SAPUI5 using practical examples in an interactive format. This section contains the practical part, details and best practices that will help you while developing your apps, and what pitfalls you should look out for along the way. Developing Apps with Smart Templates Before you start using SAPUI5, please read the important information in the section. Here you read everything you need to know about supported library combinations, the supported browsers and platforms, and so on. This chapter and its sections describe the development concepts of SAPUI5, such as the Model View Controller, data binding, and components. Use this section as a reference. You can adapt a SAPUI5 app to your specific requirements. For example, you can adapt or replace views, extend or replace controllers, or change language-specific texts. You can create own content, like new controls, for SAPUI5. If you want to contribute to SAPUI5, you have to consider our guidelines and recommendations with regard to, for example, product standards, file names and encoding.