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Using the Data Binding Type SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

Data binding supports the definition of binding types that are handed over when binding properties. Binding types define the data type of the properties used in the model.

The values of these properties are automatically formatted for display in the UI. In addition to this, the input values in UI controls are parsed and converted back to the defined type in the model. If an error occurs during formatting or parsing, the following exception occurs: sap.ui.model.FormatException / sap.ui.model.ParseException.

All types inherit from the abstract sap.ui.model.Type class. A subclass of this class is sap.ui.model.SimpleType. The currently available types inherit from SimpleType class.

You can generate the following parameters for each SimpleType in the constructor:

  • format options: Format options define how a value is formatted and displayed in the UI.

  • constraints: Constraints are optional and define how an input value entered in the UI should look like. During parsing the value is validated against these constraints. For example, a String type has a constraint for maxLength and minLength which are automatically validated when parsing the input values.