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Standard Variant for BootstrappingLocate this document in the navigation structure

Self-contained variant that includes the sap-ui-core.js file in the HTML page

The standard variant loads the SAPUI core modules, the jQuery core, as well as some jQuery plugins and the application only has to specify the sap-ui-core.js file on its page. The following code snippet shows an example:

            data-sap-ui-theme="sap_bluecrystal" >

SAPUI5 synchronously loads the libraries specified in the data-sap-ui-libs configuration option. If a library requires a library that is not specified in the configuration, SAPUI5 loads this library automatically. You use the data-sap-ui-theme configuration option to specify the style sheet you want to load for all libraries.

After the bootstrap is finished in the attachInit callback, the application can call most of the SAPUI5 APIs. The application can access the core APIs, or instantiate, configure, and place controls. The document object model (DOM), however, can only be accessed after the controls have been rendered, that is, only after the document is ready. The application can use the attachInitEvent method to be notified about that event.

Note In the default configuration, SAPUI5 automatically activates the preload=sync mode when running from optimized sources. For more information, see Preload Variant for Bootstrapping.