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The step toolbar is part of the analysis step container and provides the following actions that the user can perform for the active analysis step:

  • Selection Count

    Displays the number of selected items. The selection count is displayed only when a selection is made in the active representation.

  • Representation Type

    Depicts the current representation type. If the analysis step has multiple representations, clicking the icon opens a dialog with the available representation types for this step.

  • Table Representation

    Allows the user to display the data in a table. The related icon is displayed only if an alternative table representation has been configured for the active chart representation.

  • View Settings

    Allows the user to sort the table. This option is displayed only when the user has chosen the table representation.

  • Toggle Legend

    Shows or hides the chart legend. This option is displayed only when the user has chosen a chart representation.

  • Toggle Fullscreen

    Displays the chart in full screen mode or returns to the original size.