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Several new or changed features are available for Analysis Path Framework (APF).

Smart Filter Bar (New)

You now have two options to configure global filters for an APF-based application. Up until now, each filter had to be configured individually and the filters were rendered using the FacetFilter control. In addition to this option, you can now also use the SmartFilterBar control.

The SmartFilterBar control uses the OData metadata of an entity type to create a filter bar. If you use an entity type that provides all of the properties that you want to offer as filters, you can simply enter this entity type to configure the smart filter bar. As a result, all properties coming from this entity type are available as filters in the filter bar. This saves you the effort of configuring each filter individually.

Compared to the facet filters, the smart filter bar offers further advanced options:

  • Rule-based filtering using operators such as “contains”, “between”, or “greater than”

  • Use of the DatePicker control

  • Paging for value lists, which can avoid performance issues in the case of very large lists.

For more information, see Smart Filter Bar.

In-App Help for APF Configuration Modeler (New)

The APF Configuration Modeler now offers in-app help. If your SAP Web Dispatcher is configured accordingly, you can display the in-app help to get context-sensitive user assistance for individual fields on the UI.