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Configuring the Global FilterLocate this document in the navigation structure

The global filter provides the ability for end users to filter the data displayed in one or more cards.

The global filter is implemented using the sap.ui.comp.smartfilterbar.SmartFilterBar control. This control enables end users to persist their preferred filters, and share them with other users. The filter presents filterable properties according to the configured entity type, and is applied to all cards that have the same property name in their entity type. Also, you can define the filter you want to add to the filter bar by default by using the UI.SelectionFields configuration in the annotations file.

You configure the global filter in the "sap.ovp" section using the following properties:
  • globalFilterModel: the OData model to use for the global filter

  • globalFilterEntityType: the entity type that contains the filterable properties

Sample Code
"sap.ovp": {
    "_version": "1.1.0",
    "globalFilterModel": "ZCD204_EPM_DEMO_SRV",
    "globalFilterEntityType": "SalesOrder",
    "cards": {