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Saving an SAP Fiori App as a TileLocate this document in the navigation structure

When running an SAP Fiori app, you can save it as a tile to the launchpad home page.


You are running a Fiori app that has a footer bar with the Save as Tile option.


Saving a running Fiori app as a tile saves the app state, so that you can launch the app in this state directly from the launchpad.


  1. In the footer bar of the Fiori app, click or tap the (Actions) icon.
  2. In the menu that opens, choose Save as Tile.
  3. In the Save as Tile dialog, enter the following information:
    The title of the tile.
    Text that appears below the title.
    Text that appears at the bottom of the tile.
    Add Tile to Group
    Select the group to which to add the tile. The default is the My Home group.
  4. Choose OK.


A tile from which you can launch the app state is added to the selected group in the launchpad home page.