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End users can customize their overview pages by rearranging cards and by hiding or showing them. They can also apply a filter to the displayed information, which will affect all relevant cards.

End users can customize their overview pages in the following ways:
  • Drag and drop cards to rearrange them. You can do this using the mouse, or with the keyboard by pressing Ctrl and the arrow buttons.

  • Hide cards by doing the following:

    1. In the header bar, click or tap the Options icon and select Manage Cards.
    2. Use the switch control to hide or show the relevant card.
    3. Click OK.
    4. To reset the view to the default settings, in the Manage Cards window, click Reset.
  • Filter the information displayed in cards by defining the values or range of values to be displayed for a specific field. For example, display only orders for which the supply date has passed. For more information about the Smart Filter Bar, see Smart Filter Bar.