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Using SAPUI5 Tools for EclipseLocate this document in the navigation structure

The SAPUI5 application development tools for Eclipse provide wizards to support you in creating SAPUI5 apps in an easy way. With the SAPUI5 application project wizard, the necessary application skeleton containing view(s) and controller will automatically be created.

Creating SAPUI5 Apps

The SAPUI5tools support you in creating applications according to MVC. In this section we guide you through a simple example. You will create a SAPUI5 application project, which includes a control, a method in the controller and an additional view.


With Eclipse you can make use of utilities for JavaScript development. Additionally SAPUI5 provides templates and snippets.

  • JavaScript Code Completion

    The Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) provide an editor which parses scripts and offers code completion functionality. The core libraries for the code completion are made available automatically.