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System Selector

The SAP Business Client system selector (System Selection dialog box) provides a single entry point to SAP Business Client connections, SAP GUI (SAP Logon) connections and shortcuts, and SAP Fiori launchpad connections.

The system selector provides the following views:
  • List view
  • List view together with explorer view
The explorer view is useful if you have many entries and want to structure them hierarchically.

To show or hide the explorer view, choose the Show/Hide explorer view pushbutton.

Filtering and Structuring of Connections

You can filter and sort the system connections independently from the system selector view that you use. In the explorer view, you can order system connections in a hierarchical folder structure.

Workspaces are an additional option to structure and filter connections.

Using the dropdown menu in the top bar, you select a workspace or create a new workspace by choosing New Workspace....
Note Users can locally create their personal workspaces. Nevertheless, the administrator can also predefine workspaces that cannot be changed.
System Connection Type NWBC

A connection contains all relevant data required to instruct a server to retrieve all the relevant roles for a user. Since SAP Business Client, as the shell, uses HTTP connections for its server communications, the connection data is also defined as a URL. The connection data is usually provided by the system administrator and must be configured.

Other Connection Types
SAP Business Client allows you to make other connections:
  • New System Connection (Fiori Launchpad)

    This option allows you create a connection to a SAP Fiori launchpad.

  • New System Connection (SAP Logon)

    This option allows you create a connection to a SAP Logon (SAP GUI) system/application.

  • New Shortcut (SAP Logon)

    This option allows you to create a shortcut to transactions, system commands and reports in a specified system.

SAP GUI and shortcut connection types can be established in the same way as for SAP Logon. For more information, choose the Customize Local Layout button on the toolbar of a SAP GUI system, choose SAP GUI Help and see the topics Adding a New Entry to the Connections Folder and Adding a New Entry to the Shortcuts Folder.

You can have several connections open at the same time. If you start a connection to another system, a new instance of SAP Business Client is started.