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The BSP runtime is not used. Instead there's a SAPUI5-specific handler to that gets the resources from the SAPUI5 ABAP repository. This handler is assigned to the corresponding ICF nodes.

Accessing Resources

In general, you access a resource in the SAPUI5 ABAP repository at runtime with the following URL:

- <protocol>://<host name>:<port number>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/<namespace>/<application name>/<resource name>

Launching SAPUI5 Apps on an ABAP Server

You launch an SAPUI5 app located in the SAPUI5 ABAP repository by using its public URL in a browser.

Launching SAPUI5 Apps Created With SAPUI5 Tools for Eclipse
  • Launching in Eclipse

    • In the Project Explorer from the context menu of the file or project, choose Start of the navigation path Run As Next navigation step Run On ABAP Server End of the navigation path. Alternatively you can use the corresponding menu commands.

  • Launching directly in the ABAP back end (in ABAP Workbench or Internet Communication Framework)

    • In transaction SE80, select the BSP application or the index.html file (under Pages with flow logic) and choose Test from the toolbar or from the context menu.

    • Select the SAPUI5 app-specific Internet Communication Framework node in transaction SICF under sap/bc/ui5_ui5/<namespace>/<app name>, and choose Test Service from the context menu (index.html page starts automatically).

The URL of the selected file is opened in a browser. Its pattern looks like this:

<protocol>://<host name>:<port number>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/<namespace>/<application name>/index.html?sap-client=<client>&sap-ui-language=<language>