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With SAP Business Client using the NWBC connection type, you can display information on the client that is mapped to the client using the Role Maintenance ( PFCG) transaction. For this purpose, PFCG as the central repository for all system roles, has been enhanced with additional functions.

Information from Role Maintenance, including some enhancements, is used to set up the menu structure of SAP Business Client. Possible settings in PFCG are described in the following sections:

  • PFCG Overview

    Introduces PFCG and its impact on SAP Business Client. A short description of roles is given, the importance of user settings in SU01 is described, as well as the effects of roles on the easy access menu and the SAP Business Client menu structure.

  • Improvements in PFCG User Interface

    Lists the main differences in PFCG between SAP NetWeaver 7.00 SP21 (or higher) and 7.01 SP6 (or higher) versus SAP NetWeaver 7.02 (or higher) systems

  • Role Description

    Provides information on role names, role short texts, and the Description tab page

  • Menu Options

    Describes specific additional menu options for special use cases

  • Navigation Tree

    Explains the settings relevant for SAP Business Client on the Menu tab page

  • Default Pages and Service Maps

    Describes the concepts of default pages and service maps, which cause the content area to be filled with content

  • Link Collections

    Describes the Link Collection option

  • Single Top Level

    Compares two-level navigation with single top level navigation

  • Menu

    Introduces the function of additional menu entries as well as enhanced menu entries

  • Side Panel

    Describes how to configure a side panel for a role

  • Remote Systems

    Describes what to do if transactions contained in a role are to be started in a different system

  • Object-Based Navigation (OBN)

    Explains how to set up and use OBN for SAP Business Client

  • Role Comparison

    Describes the role comparison tool, which you can use to compare roles and their role menu

  • Merging of Navigation Trees

    Describes how navigation trees of multiple roles are merged

More Information

PFCG Overview

Improvements in PFCG User Interface

Role Description

Menu Options

Navigation Tree

Default Pages and Service Maps

Link Collections

Single Top Level


Side Panel

Remote Systems

Object-Based Navigation (OBN)

Role Comparison

Merging of Navigation Trees

For more information about the tools and function mentioned in the following sections, see:

  • Role Administration

  • Role Administration Functions

  • AS ABAP Authorization Concept

  • User Administration Functions and Creating and Editing User Master Records

  • SAP Easy Access

  • Maintaining Remote Destinations and Establishing a Connection Using a Destination (SM59)

  • Object-based navigation (OBN) documentation links:

    • SAP Business Objects

    • The Business Object Repository

    • Maintenance of Object Types (BOR)

    • Creating Object Types (BOR)

    • Definition of Methods for an Object Type (BOR)

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