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This page displays the entire navigation structure for this user in a hierarchical form. The Index page is displayed as the initial tab when a user logs on to a system for the first time. It is pinned to the tab bar by default. It is possible to unpin but users can unpin and close it if they want to see a different page as their home page.

The Index page provides an overview of the business content and tasks specific to a user's roles. On the entry level this content is organized in work centers. A work center comprises the navigation options to the applications this user needs to perform his or her typical tasks.

In case the navigation structure is more complex and spans several navigation levels (up to three levels), the content for this work center can be organized in folders. This introduces an additional level of navigation.

When a user starts to navigate inside a work center on the folder level, the navigation targets of this folder are exposed in a new column to the side of this folder, indicated by an arrow. This way, users can navigate several levels of navigation entries for each work center like in an explorer. When the user selects an entry for an application or transaction, which appears as a link, the content opens in a new tab.


Users can choose the option to display their Easy Access Favorites as a work center on the Index page in their personalization settings.