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Submitting Content to the SAPUI5 ABAP RepositoryLocate this document in the navigation structure

Before submitting content to the SAPUI5 ABAP repository, make sure that your project is shared with a single SAPUI5 repository.

  1. In Eclipse, choose Start of the navigation path Team Next navigation step Submit End of the navigation path from the context menu of your project. Log on if required.
  2. From the list of files that have been added, updated, or deleted in the client, select all resources to submit. The dialog also indicates for which files submit conflicts exist, for example if another user has submitted a newer file version in the meantime. You have to resolve any submit conflicts before submitting a file. If a file is already locked in a transport request, the corresponding request is shown in the dialog. If the BSP application representing the used single SAPUI5 repository belongs to a transportable ABAP package, you have to choose a transport request.

    Transport requests are not automatically released when the files are submitted. You have to release them first using transaction SE09 in the ABAP system.

  3. Choose Finish.

All files have been submitted and are now available in the single SAPUI5 repository.


If you use the SAPUI5 repository team provider, the file type is determined based on the Eclipse preferences. If you cannot submit your binary files due to an error (because end of line marker or mixed line feeds are not supported), the binary file type is probably not registered as binary. To change this in Eclipse, choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences Next navigation step Team Next navigation step File Content End of the navigation path and register the binary file type as binary.

If you switch the file type of an uploaded file, delete the file, submit it, and change the file type, finally, create the new file and submit it.


If you use the team repository provider, the SAPUI5 application index is updated automatically and any errors are displayed. For more information, see SAPUI5 Application Index.