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Synchronization of SAPUI5 Apps Created with SAPUI5 Tools for EclipseLocate this document in the navigation structure

We recommend that you create SAPUI5 application projects with SAPUI5 tools for Eclipse only for simple use cases. However, for complex use cases we recommend that you use SAP Web IDE.

SAPUI5 application projects created with SAPUI5 tools for Eclipse address the following special use case:

  • Create an SAPUI5 application project in Eclipse
  • Develop and execute the app locally in Eclipse
  • Submit the app to the SAPUI5 ABAP repository
  • Execute the app in the ABAP back end (for example, with transaction SE80), or alternatively from Eclipse with the Run on Server function

Some further special functionality is available to allow this use case, like a proxy for avoiding cross domain issues when running an app locally and using back-end services on an ABAP system. There is also a special logic built into the runtime handler on the ABAP side addressing the project structure of a dynamic web project (WebContent folder or web.xml).

After creating an SAPUI5 application project with the wizard in the SAPUI5 tools for Eclipse and submitting it to the ABAP back end, it can be run from a web browser calling the underlying ABAP system (in transaction SE80, from the context menu for the HTML page of the BSP application in question).