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Creating a Simple Container ControlLocate this document in the navigation structure

Example of a container control with arbitrary child controls that are rendered in a row and a colored box around each child

sap.ui.core.Control.extend("ColorBoxContainer", { // call the new Control type "ColorBoxContainer" 
                                                    // and let it inherit from sap.ui.core.Control

      // the Control API:
      metadata : {
         properties : {            // setter and getter are created behind the scenes, 
                                   // incl. data binding and type validation
            "boxColor" : "string"  // the color to use for the frame around each child Control
         aggregations: {
            content: {singularName: "content"} // default type is "sap.ui.core.Control", multiple is "true"

      // the part creating the HTML:
      renderer : function(oRm, oControl) { // static function, so use the given "oControl" instance 
                                           // instead of "this" in the renderer function
          oRm.writeControlData(oControl);  // writes the Control ID and enables event handling - important!
          oRm.writeClasses();              // there is no class to write, but this enables 
                                           // support for ColorBoxContainer.addStyleClass(...)

          var aChildren = oControl.getContent();
          for (var i = 0; i < aChildren.length; i++) { // loop over all child Controls, 
                                                       // render the colored box around them
              oRm.addStyle("display", "inline-block");
              oRm.addStyle("border", "3px solid " + oControl.getBoxColor()); // specify the border around the child

              oRm.renderControl(aChildren[i]);   // render the child Control 
                                                 // (could even be a big Control tree, but you don't need to care)

              oRm.write("</div>"); // end of the box around the respective child

          oRm.write("</div>"); // end of the complete Control

As the control itself has no appearance, no additional CSS is required.

You can use this container control like any SAPUI5 container:

var btn = new sap.ui.commons.Button({text:'Hello World'});
  var tf = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({value:'edit text here'});

  var container = new ColorBoxContainer({
      boxColor: "#ff7700",