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Variants allow you to store settings that users create for the smart filter bar, such as selection fields and layout, and for the smart table, such as sorting and visible columns.

If desired, you can enable harmonized variant management for the list report. In this case, any variants created by the user for the smart filter bar and smart table are saved together using the variant for the smart filter bar. The smart table no longer includes the fields required to save variants, as shown below:

Figure 1: Variant Management
Code Sample

In the manifest.json file, the smartVariantManagement variable is set to false by default. To enable smart variant management, set it to true as shown below:

"": {


        "pages": [


                "entitySet": "XXXXXX_Product",

                "component": {

                    "name": "sap.suite.ui.generic.template.ListReport",

                    "list": true,

                    "settings" : {

                        "gridTable" : false,

                        "multiSelect": false,

                        "smartVariantManagement": true
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