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The Facet Filter ObjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

The analytical content configuration can optionally contain one or more facet filter objects, which define the configuration of the facet filters used in an APF-based application. Facet filters provide global filters that are applied to all analysis steps of an analysis path.

The facet filter object has the following format:

  "type" : "facetFilter",    //optional
  "description" : <same as label text>
  "id" : "<id>",
  "property" : "<property>",
  "alias" : "<property>",   //optional
  "invisible" : <boolean>    //optional
  "valueHelpRequest" : "<request ID>",    //optional
  "filterResolutionRequest" : "<request ID>",    //optional
  "multiSelection" : <boolean>,    //optional
  "preselectionDefaults" : [ "<value>"* ],     //optional
  "preselectionFunction" : <function path>,    //optional
  "label" : <label>    //optional

The properties used in the facet filter object denote the following:




Contains the string entered as label so that a specific facet filter object can easily be found in the file.


Unique ID of type string


Filter property for the facet filter.

If alias is not defined, property is also used as select property for valueHelpRequest.


Select property for valueHelpRequest.

Used if the field name of the property of the facet filter is different in the valueHelpRequest.

If property and alias are the same, alias can be omitted.


ID of the request used for providing a value help to select values in the facet filter.


ID of the request used for resolving a filter into single values for the value help.


Defines whether selection of multiple values is possible.


Array of values that are preselected in the facet filter.


Path to the function used if the preselected values need to be calculated.


Defines the label text.

If a preselectionFunction is defined as string in the facet filter object, the system internally converts it into a callable function before the configuration object is returned. If the defined function string cannot be resolved or does not point to a function, the property preselectFunction is set to undefined .