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You can make different settings to personalize the appearance of the desktop client. Go to the personalization settings dialog by choosing Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Personalize End of the navigation path and change the settings as needed. The table shows the personalization settings relevant for SAP Business Client for Desktop:






You can choose the standard or the high contrast theme. For the standard theme, you can choose between different flavors:

  • Light

  • Dark

  • SAP Blue Crystal

The high contrast theme applies to the shell as well as to Web Dynpro applications, SAP GUI transactions, and service maps loaded in the content area. Content embedded as Web URL is not displayed with the High Contrast theme. If you change the theme for a SAP GUI transaction, you have to restart SAP Business Client for the change to take effect.
Note If your administrator has predefined a theme for the system connection you are using, you can choose between the following options:
  • Custom Theme
  • High Contrast


Use the slider to increase or decrease the font size.

Font Size

Select a font size.


Accessibility Mode

Activate the accessibility mode to provide input for screen readers that read the Web Dynpro and HTML screens.

The rendered HTML pages contain additional HTML coding.

Note Be aware that the SAP GUI theme is switched from Corbu to Signature after you have activated the accessibility mode and restart SAP Business Client. This cannot be changed when you are working in the accessibility mode.
Hide system selector on startup

This option is activated by default. SAP Business Client logs on automatically to the last used system connection.

If you deselect this checkbox, SAP Business Client displays a system selection screen, just like the normal logon screen, where you can select all the systems that have been configured, change or delete existing connections, and create new ones.

Entry Page * Select your entry page from the following selection:
  • First Pinned Tab (Default)
  • Index Page
  • New Tab Page
  • First Work Center Page
Client Language Select a different language as the client language (the language with which SAP Business Client is started). If no language is specified here, the language defined in Microsoft Windows Region and Language (Format) settings is used.
Use client language on system logon screen Select this checkbox to ensure that system logon screens use the same language as the client language (see above). This setting overrules a language predefined in a system connection. It allows you to log on in a different language (than is the default) when authenticating through Single Sign-On; without this, there is no possibility to change the language in the system logon screen.
Administrator Configuration File Change the source file for administrator-defined connection configuration settings.
User Configuration File (Path) Change the path for your own self-defined connection configuration settings.
SAP GUI Interoperability  

Easy Access Favorites in favorites panel *

Display the Favorites that you have defined in the SAP Easy Access menu in SAP GUI.

Easy Access Favorites as work center *

Display your SAP Easy Access Favorites as a work center.

Use SAP Menu instead of user menu *

Display the SAP menu instead of the menu defined for your role in PFCG.

Use SAP GUI theme
If you want to use a theme for your SAP GUI screens that is different from SAP Corbu, you can set this theme in the SAP GUI options and define that this theme is kept by SAP Business Client. For example, you can use different colors for different systems.
Note Using a different color is a feature that is available with the themes SAP Signature and Enjoy, but not with SAP Corbu.
Start transaction without validation check *

When the user enters a transaction and then presses ENTER, the transaction opens in a new tab. The system does not validate if the transaction exists in the user menu or in the back end.

By default, this setting is not selected.

Do not close tabs Prevent SAP Business Client from closing tabs with SAP GUI transactions when you or a program navigates back to the SAP GUI entry screen.

By default, this setting is not selected.

Open session in new window

Select this checkbox to open new SAP GUI sessions in new windows instead of new tabs, which is the default setting.

Show transaction codes *

Display the transaction codes (technical names) in addition to the transaction names in the navigation panel.

Enable SAP GUI OK code

Display this command field for SAP GUI transactions that run in SAP Business Client.

Merge system function bar and application bar

Merge the system function bar and the application bar.

Show title bar

Display the SAP GUI title bar of an application in the content area. However, to avoid unnecessary consumption of screen space, the title bar can be hidden. Note that the application title is always shown on SAP Business Client tabs.

This option is selected by default.

Open side panel with new tab

Select this checkbox to display an application and, additionally, its associated side panels. If there is more than one side panel, the system displays the last one that the user selected. By default, this setting is not selected.

Show tab previews in taskbar

This option is selected by default. Display tab previews in the taskbar for all tabs that are currently open.

Show tabs on a separate row

Users can display the elements in the header area in one row, including the pushbuttons to display the favorites and navigation panels, tabs, and the type-ahead field for the quick launch.

This setting helps users to increase the space for the content area by reducing the header height.

Show animations for tabs

This checkbox is selected by default. A circular loading bar is displayed when the content of a tab is loading.

Show system information in status bar

Display the system information in the following ways:

  • In the SAP Business Client status bar as <system> (<client>) | <user> [<language<]

  • In the title of the tab preview as <system> (<client>)

This helps users to keep an overview of the systems they are currently using when they have multiple windows open in parallel.

Note The system information in SAP Business Client is synchronized with the SAP GUI for Windows status bar. You can activate or deactivate it either in the personalization settings dialog or in the SAP GUI status bar.

Show system information in tab title

Select this checkbox to display the system/client information as a prefix in the tab title; this is valid for SAP GUI transactions (system_id, session_nr/client), Web Dynpro ABAP applications, service maps, and SAP Business Client overview pages (system_id, client).

Show work center links on index page

This checkbox is selected by default. A link appears when you hover over a work center title on the index page. Clicking the work center title opens the default page.

* SAP Business Client connections only