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How To Use Smart TemplatesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Creating an app with smart templates generally consists of the following steps:

  • Prepare OData services

    You access the required back-end system information in your app using OData services.

    For more information, see Preparing OData Services.

  • Prepare UI annotations

    You use annotations to enable or modify certain default features and functionality in the smart templates for the list report or the object page view.

    For more information, see Preparing UI Annotations.

  • Build UI applications

    You create your smart template project using the smart templates wizard in the SAP Web IDE.

    For more information including details about mandatory and optional post-generation tasks, see Building UI Applications Using Smart Templates.

  • Extend generated apps

    As an optional step, you can extend your smart templates app if needed, that is, in cases in which the manifest settings or annotations do not allow you to achieve the desired app behavior.

    For more information, see Extending Generated Apps.