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The list report allows the user to work with a large list of items. It combines powerful functions for filtering large lists with different ways of displaying the resulting item list.

Example of a list report:

The list report view comprises the following main elements:
  • Application header

  • Smart filter bar with variant management

  • Smart table

  • Footer toolbar, which features the generic Share menu that includes the following actions:
    • Send Email

    • Save as Tile
    • Share in SAP Jam (if integration with SAP Jam is configured)
More Information

For more information about the various functions of the list report view, see the following:



Smart filter bar control

Smart Filter Bar

Smart table control

Smart Table

Smart controls tutorial for the smart filter bar and smart table

Step 5: Smart Filter Bar and Smart Table

Social media integration (enabling the Share in SAP Jam option in the footer toolbar)

About SAP Jam Integration

Enabling additional features and functionality for the list report

Adapting the List Report