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The following information is relevant for translators.

  • SAP Note 1686090 must be implemented in the translation system to enable the translation of texts. They are treated as ABAP short texts with translation object type UI5T.
  • The translation object name is a GUID, which is the key taken from the first line of the original properties file containing the text elements (# SAPUI5 TRANSLATION-KEY <GUID>, as mentioned above).
  • The text key of each text element consists of the text type and an individual GUID, separated by a blank.
  • The texts are stored in the following database tables which are stored with an SAP or customer namespace:

    Database Table

    What Does it Contain?

    /UI5/TREP_TEXT (master table)

    • Text name
    • Unique text GUID
    • Text type
    • Additional context information
    • Translation object name GUID (from the properties file)

    /UI5/TREP_TEXT_T (language-dependent table)

    • Source and translated text
    • Keys: text GUID as in table /UI5/TREP_TEXT, and language key


    • Translation object name (GUID from the properties file)
    • Path information for the properties file