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This control provides a set of properties for a feed, as text, sender information and timestamp.

The sap.m.FeedListItem control is capable of displaying unformatted text accompanied by an optional user image. For more information, see the FeedInput control on the Explored tab in the Demo Kit.

  • Responsiveness

    Its responsive behavior allows the FeedListItem control to appear in both small and large containers.

  • Layout

    The FeedListItem control consists of the user’s name and an optional picture of the user who wrote the note or the update (optional). The name can contain a link that triggers a quick overview of the user’s profile data. The actual text written by the user follows the name.

  • Behavior

    When the text exceeds a certain amount of characters (default value can be overwritten by the consuming application), the rest of the text is truncated and a MORE link appears. Choosing the link expands the text and the link is relabeled LESS. Choosing LESS, returns the text to the condensed version.

For more information, see the FeedListItem control on the API Reference tab in the Demo Kit.

More Information

The sap.m.FeedListItem control can be used in combination with the sap.m.FeedInput control as a feed or notes control. For more information, see the Feed Input control documentation.