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Single selection in the list report view table is enabled by default. If desired, you can enable multi-select single-action for your app.

This allows users to select multiple items from the table in the list report and then choose a simple custom action button. After triggering the action, the user stays on the same page (no navigation) on which error messages will also be displayed.

When multiSelect is set to true in the manifest.json file of a list report table, the table switches from single-selection to multi-selection, as shown in the following example code:
"": {

  "_version": "1.1.0",

  "pages": [


    "entitySet": "STTA_C_MP_Product",

    "component": {

     "name": "sap.suite.ui.generic.template.ListReport",

     "list": true,

     "settings" : {

         "gridTable"   : false,

         "multiSelect" : true


Note that the custom action button must not have action parameters, and the results must be displayed on the page on which the action has been triggered.