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In your SAPUI5 application project, the first step to build your application is to add a control to your view and implement a method to react on user interaction. In this case you create a button and implement a function to react when the user presses it.


To add a control to your view, add the following coding depending on the type of your view:
  • In a JS view add the following to the createContent function

    var aControls = [];
           var oButton = new sap.ui.commons.Button({
             id : this.createId("MyButton"),
             text : "Hello JS View"
           return aControls;
  • In an HTML view add the following to the template tag:

    <div data-sap-ui-type="sap.ui.commons.Button" id="MyButton"
      data-text="Hello HTML View" data-press="doIt">
  • In an XML view add the following coding to the core tag

    <Button id="MyButton" text="Hello XML View" press="doIt"/>
  • In a JSON view add the following to the content function

          "text":"Hello JSON View",
A button is added to your view with an event that is triggered when the user presses it.

Next Steps

The doIt method, which is called in each of these view types, is implemented in the controller:

Implement a Method in the Controller