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Events for Facet FiltersLocate this document in the navigation structure

Facet filters support several events, such as reset and list open.

As the user interacts with the FacetFilter control, the following key events are fired for event handling in the application:

  • reset event (FacetFilter control)

    The reset event is fired when the user presses the Reset icon on the toolbar or summary bar.

    You can use the showReset property of the FacetFilter control to disable the Reset icon so that it is no longer displayed. The application is responsible for implementing the reset logic.

    To remove all selected filters from a facet filter list, call removeSelections(true).

  • listOpen event (FacetFilterList control)

    The listOpen event is fired when the user selects a facet from the toolbar or when a facet is selected in the dialog.

    You can use this event to load the list with data the first time the user accesses it as opposed to loading all the lists with data when the application is initialized.

  • listClose event (FacetFilterList control)

    The listClose event is fired when the user closes a popover, navigates back from the filter items page in the dialog, or closes the dialog. You use this event to handle any processing that needs to occur based on facet filter item selections, such as filtering the target data set.