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SAP Business Client is a user interface (UI) that presents a single entry point to different SAP business applications and technologies. It is a high-fidelity shell that integrates various UI technologies and design generations aimed at a more efficient, intuitive, and complete user experience over different UI technologies, such as Web Dynpro ABAP/FPM, SAP GUI transactions, and SAP Fiori apps.

Offering different connection types, the SAP Business Client supports the following set-ups:

  • System connection type Fiori Launchpad

    The SAP Business Client acts as a Windows-based desktop browser for the SAP Fiori launchpad with the ability to launch classic Dynpro applications (SAP GUI transations) using an embedded SAP GUI for Windows.

  • System connection type NWBC

    The SAP Business Client provides role-based access to applications in an ABAP back end system using PFCG roles which centrally hold SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, Fiori, and various Web content applications.

  • System connection type SAP Logon

    The SAP Business Client embeds pure SAP GUI system connections, allowing you to connect to any SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP release. However, no usability enhancements such as role-based navigation or search are available.


This documentation is relevant only for the SAP Business Client as of version 6.0.

For documentation on previous versions of the SAP Business Client, see the following information:

  • For information on SAP NetWeaver Business Client 5.0, see the SAP NetWeaver library on the SAP Help Portal at Open Application Help and select the documentation in the navigation panel.

  • For information on SAP NetWeaver Business Client 4.0, see the SAP Service Marketplace published on SAP site under Start of the navigation path Products Next navigation step Installation and Upgrade Guides Next navigation step (choose the letter) N Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step User Interface Add-On 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver End of the navigation path.


The graphics in the following documentation are examples of prototypes only. The design of SAP Business Client is constantly developing. For this reason, the user interfaces may vary for different versions of SAP Business Client.

More Information

For security aspects, you must read the documentation, in particular chapter Security Aspects, in the SAP Business Client Administration Guide on SAP Help Portal at Under Application Help, open SAP Library and choose Start of the navigation path SAP Business Client Next navigation step SAP Business Client Administration Guide Next navigation step Security Aspects End of the navigation path.

For release prerequisites and restrictions, see SAP Note 2227396 Information published on SAP site.